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massage chair of any row is the best

People often panic that the size of a full-body massage chair is actually how much is it true? And with that size is suitable for your house or not? So today's article will answer you some information that for so long you may be very curious but have not found a satisfactory answer for yourself.

1. What is a full body massage chair?

Currently, under the pressure of the work flow, every manual worker as well as brain worker has to go through periods of hard work with a lot of work. That's what makes us feel physically and mentally tired. Every week, the spa salon always welcomes tens, hundreds of visitors just for a full body massage with quite expensive cost. And at the same time, full body massage chair was born to save that amount of money.


Speaking of a full body massage chair, people think of a fairly large chair, built on an intelligent system platform to care for your muscles and health. This device is operated on a head-to-toe airbag system with the control of a roller inside a full body massage chair.


2. Great use from the whole body massage chair that you can tell.

Full body massage chair is considered to be extremely miraculous for your home with some extremely "uses".

One of the most well-known uses is to alleviate muscle aches due to high activity or physical activity, helping your muscles become more relaxed. In addition, the full body massage chair also helps your blood circulation, when the blood circulation is fully circulated, the blood will pump evenly to the brain as well as other parts, reducing the risk of Cardiovascular disease or hyperactive elderly.


People who have symptoms of diseases such as spine aches, degeneration of the neck or damaged ligaments will receive a full body massage massage on areas such as the back of the neck, neck, back or legs, even Head massage. This is one of the reasons why people are so confident in using full body massage chairs.


And one of the optimal uses mentioned from the beginning is to save a lot of money on your spa. You invest a large amount but then you can use as you want with a life expectancy of 10-15 years, this must be a "profitable investment". Although the standard size of a full body massage chair may be a bit big and difficult for your house, this will be a great choice!

3. What is the size of a full body massage chair?

When it comes to the "standard" body massage chair size, you must understand some of the following. First, most types of housing in Vietnam are high-rise or high-rise buildings, so a full-body massage chair meets the standards first of all to "climb" the stairs and the door.


On average, a door of a Vietnamese room is 90cm - 100cm wide and the stairs can be 80cm from each other. Therefore, the average design of a full body massage chair is usually about 115 * 79 * 125 cm or 125 * 77 * 84 cm, the weight of the chair is approximately 75kg. When the body massage chair starts to work, the size of the body massage chair changes slightly in the length, they will recline to about 180cm. So if your room has a large space, this is a gift for you and your family members.


If your house is too small, save space by referring to one-piece massage machines or portable massages, rather than installing a full body massage chair as they will obstruct Back the aisle and there is a lot of danger if you have children in your home.

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Therefore, before you want to buy a full body massage chair, you need to understand your home, the room you intend to put the chair in, how much size, whether it is suitable, reasonable or not. The above suggestion will partly help you in consulting about "buying now" a full body massage chair without having to be too worried about the size of the full body massage chair.


If you are looking to buy a valuable gift of a full body massage chair for yourself, your family or your loved ones, you can consult and shop at Home Supermarket, here you will probably find what you have been looking for so long. Good luck!


In today's industrial society, people have to race against a huge number of jobs, which is the pressure from life from family and society to make health worse and worse. Massage chairs were introduced as a safe and effective solution to improve health and relax. What is a quality massage chair used and how is it used? Please refer to the article below to find the answer for me.

The price or cost of a particular product is always the first criterion for consumers to evaluate a certain product. Buying a used massage chair always makes buyers confused about its quality. Currently, on the market, the price of a massage chair usually ranges from 10 million to 100 million depending on its use and style. And it is because of the huge difference in price that makes consumers panic for fear of buying used poor quality massage chairs.


1. Should we buy used massage chairs?

The truth is, you can buy a used but quality massage chair if you find yourself a store or website selling genuine products.


However, a used massage chair, its use will also be inferior to more advanced massage chairs. A used massage chair with only massage mode is mainly massage, massage along the back of the spine, without other advanced features that help improve serious illnesses such as reflexology, hot massage with infrared heat , or usually only massages a part of the body like the leg, shoulder or back, etc.

Currently there are many products of massage chairs used or dumped, usually fake goods, floating goods of unknown origin. The reason that these massage chairs are sold cheaply is to deceive or attract those who only pay attention to the immediate benefits, see the price is rushing to buy without careful consideration, which makes buying poor quality goods.


Be a consumer, a smart customer when choosing used massage chair products to avoid losing valuable money on poor quality goods.


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2. Some criteria to consider when buying a used massage chair

2.1 Through product branding

A brand that has appeared in the market for a long time but still maintains and produces products regularly proves that the brand has built a solid reputation and received certain trust from consumers.

But it is also undeniable that the quality of new brands, maybe the products of new brands have superior advantages. To be sure or safe, before buying a brand new massage chair, you should consult product reviews first.


2.2 Through origin

Currently in the Vietnamese market, there are many types of massage chairs of different brands with different origins and origins, to know the origin of reputable massage chairs, you should ask the counselor to provide Issue the following documents:


- A certificate of product quality standard, a certificate of product origin of that massage chair firm or direct observation on the label of the chair


- Or use your phone to directly scan barcodes to learn more about this product.


2.3 Approve product warranty

Massage chairs are usually purchased from a reputable brand or a reputable supplier will have a very clear, long and thoughtful warranty terms.

3. Great use of massage chairs

Massage chairs were born in this day and age as a powerful way to improve health, efficiency, relax and reduce stress. Massage chairs often use motor systems such as rollers, airbags, ... applying the methods of Eastern Medicine such as massage, reflexology to help regulate blood flow, reduce pain quickly, improve bone and joint disease. and help the body relax, relax mentally, improve insomnia, create a deep sleep.


4. Reputable used massage chair address

You should refer to the product at online shopping channel


At this shopping channel, you are not only looking for a variety of massage chairs from utility to model but also a variety of other sports products such as treadmill, exercise bike, ... to meet the needs of caring. Take care of your health, your family or friends.


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Okasa always brings fast and reliable delivery service, you just need to sit at home waiting, and the delivery of goods just let worry.With the information we provide, hope you. Customers can exploit useful information, thank you.

Is it good to use a body massage chair? Is using a massage chair full body good? Are questions for many customers, especially those who are intending to use this type of product. Please refer to the following article to better understand the use of full body massage chair.


Currently, there are many devices, health support devices, especially full body massage chairs, which are sold and widely used but not everyone knows its exact uses. In addition to being a great remedy for overcoming a number of ailments, a full body massage chair has some harm if you overdo it. Below, we will provide some good reasons and pros to answer the question Is it normal for a person to use a full body massage chair?


1. Benefits of using full body massage chair

1.1 Improve aches and pains:

The purpose of using the body massage chair is often seen by many people as they want to dispel the feeling of fatigue, aches and pains after a long busy day at work. And you can see that it is also the great use of full body massage chairs.

Massage chairs are most effective for the following subjects: Office workers, who have to sit still for hours in front of a computer screen or pile of papers, bright books, drivers of long-distance driving, Elderly, elderly or people with osteoarthritis diseases, ...


Massage chair has the ability to support treatment and has a good effect on the painful joint diseases such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, ...


1.2 Relax and circulation of blood:

When sitting in a full body massage chair, the blood flow in your body will be conditioned, minimize hematoma or poor blood circulation to the limbs causing pain and numbness in the limbs. Thanks to its excellent mechanism of action, full body massage chair has a high application in supporting the improvement of health for people with cardiovascular disease.


A lesser known use of a full body massage chair is that this product is also useful for people with kidney disease or hypertension, diabetes because its mechanism of action helps to retain water in the quad. chi.

Using a full body massage chair when working or family pressure helps relieve stress and relieve stress extremely well ..


1.3 Improve physique and beauty:

Currently, the world has launched a number of massage machines with the function of shaping the body effectively, stretching the body, helping to improve toned physique, reduce excess fat and bring more oxygen to the body.


Some modern body massage chairs also have the ability to use reflexology to help improve insomnia or migraine effectively. A deep and relaxing sleep helps to improve your spirit and skin.



2. Harm of abuse of full body massage chair

If you ask me, is it good to use a body massage chair? We always assert to you that it is extremely good and safe for health for all ages and has the effect of supporting the treatment of some of the aforementioned diseases.

However, the use of full body massage chair or overuse of body massage chair will cause some of the following effects:


2.1 The area of ​​skin in contact with the chair is injured

When sitting in a full body massage chair for too long, the skin in direct contact will often be red, irritated and itchy.


2.2 Effects on muscle or motor skills

Being relaxed for too long, your muscles will be flabby and tired, you will feel lazy and depend on the whole body massage chair.


2.3 Counterproductive treatment of some diseases

Remember, body massage chairs only work to support treatment, reduce pain, but not cure the disease.


The overuse but unreasonable, science will lead to increasingly serious disease. To be safer to use, you should consult your doctor's advice.

3. Is a good massage chair good for the whole body?

The questions that customers send us often are is using a massage chair with full body good? Should you buy a full body massage chair? And countless other related questions.


And once again we assure you that using a full body massage chair is very good and safe if you know how to use it in a reasonable, reasonable and scientific way, to avoid abusing too much time sitting on a chair. Full body massage will make the body lazy.


As for what kind of chair is good, we think that any chair has its own uses and greatness, however, you should choose the type of origin and clear origin, as well as function or mechanism of operation of an assistive chair.


Before deciding to buy a product, you should also consult the experience of previous buyers about this type of product. Massage chairs too. The advice you have to buy massage chairs helps you find the best one for you and your family.

Hustling life, people always have to race with extremely large workloads. Currently, the risk of osteoarthritis, migraine, insomnia, etc. is increasing due to the pressure of work. Massage chairs are born as a new breeze, a useful and effective solution to help improve the aforementioned diseases. However, some people do not fully understand the use of massage chairs, as well as what price is appropriate. The following article advises on buying massage chairs to help you choose the most suitable and quality product.


1. What kind of product is a massage chair?

A massage chair is a device that uses motors, vibrating motors, rollers, airbags, etc. to perform selective or thermal movements on certain body parts or acupuncture points to reduce aches and pains. effective and safe health support.


2. Some significant benefits of massage chairs

Regular massage and moderation helps to relax the mind, stimulate nerve development, reduce headaches, shoulder and neck pain, insomnia, create a deep sleep to help the spirit more comfortable.

Thanks to the mechanism of simulation of Eastern medicine therapies, massage, reflexology helps to regulate blood flow, reduce pain quickly, improve bone and joint disease. Body massage chair helps to adjust posture, neck and back vertebrae due to sitting in the wrong way when working.


When sitting in a massage chair, thanks to the roller system, airbags, vibrating motor, infrared heat, helps the blood flow in your body to be conditioned, minimizing hematoma or poor blood circulation to the limbs. causing aches and pains in the limbs.


Thanks to its mechanism of action, sitting in a massage chair can help retain water in the limbs, which is very helpful for people with kidney disease or hypertension, diabetes.


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3. Advice on buying suitable massage chairs

3.1 Choose a massage chair that suits your needs and age

When determining your needs for relaxation, improving health will help you choose the right chair, saving you time to choose. If your needs are just relaxing, you should choose a massage chair priced from 30 million or less with the ability to massage conventional, less functional. If you want to improve health, you should choose a high-class massage chair with a price of 30 million or more with advanced features such as zero gravity massage, airbags, rollers, infrared thermal massage. period is good for health.

Especially when choosing massage chairs for the elderly you must be extremely careful. Should choose an easy-to-adjust chair, which helps older people to use it more effectively and safely.


3.2 Understand the true use of massage chairs

You should know that, massage chair only works to relieve pain of osteoarthritis diseases, helps to improve the disease in a better direction, but it is impossible to completely cure the diseases of joint and joint pain, shoulder and neck pain. , the aforementioned catastrophe.

Using massage chairs is extremely safe, does not harm the health of users. However, not so that you abuse this massage chair too much, causing laziness, flaccid muscles or muscle groups. That makes your health condition worse.


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3.3 Understanding the origin and origin of massage chairs

Currently, many people often have not studied the massage chair product for the immediate benefit, because the price is so cheap that the premium function such as advertising hurriedly pays to buy the product without knowing the origin, source to buy low-quality products.

When you buy a massage chair, you should know the brand of massage chair for a long time, or if it is a new brand, check online review to see if the reputation is credible or not? After that, you should see the certificate of product quality standards, the certificate of origin of the massage chair company by asking the seller to supply or look on the label.


With the advice of buying massage chairs above, they are


Should we buy massage chairs or not? How to buy a computer right? People at what age should use and should not use massage chairs? This is a series of questions that shoppers often ask and there is not a satisfactory answer, this article is what you need.

1. What is a full body massage chair?

Speaking of massage chairs, people immediately imagine a device, machinery used to care for the muscles to help relax. Body massage chair is quite large shape with extremely smart and modern design. In particular, the body massage chair is operated based on the airbag release system - squeezing from head to toe thanks to the control of rollers.

2. The outstanding use of full body massage chair

With full body massage chair, its use is an important thing for customers to decide whether or not to buy a massage chair.


According to research, full body massage chair has many uses, first to mention reducing the aching muscles, the operation of the chair will make your muscles become relaxed. In addition, the full body massage chair also helps you get blood circulation. If your blood sugar is flowing smoothly, the blood will pump through the organs and make the brain relax, reduce headaches or vestibular disorders.


In addition, full body massage chair helps to massage the lumbar, neck, and neck areas very well, supporting very well in the treatment of chronic diseases such as spinal aches, degenerative neck, ligament damage. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why people seem to believe in full body massage chairs


3. So, should you buy a massage chair?

To answer this question really takes into account many factors and which must include your needs. With the number of uses above, you must have got some answers already.

Besides, one advantage of massage chairs in the long term that you can see is that you can completely save a lot of costs for going to spa salons and massage parlors to relax. It is estimated that on average, a massage in a salon could cost you 300-400,000 VND depending on the spa brand as well as the type of massage you choose. In the immediate future you will see the high price of massage, but a massage chair has an average life of 15-20 years, so investing like this is not wasteful.


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4. Who should use massage chairs?

In fact, massage chairs are used for all ages, as long as 13 years of age or older. In particular, massage chairs will promote extremely effective effect for the elderly and the elderly. It will help reduce joint pain, prevent partial cardiovascular disease, stroke and stroke ...

In addition, office workers are inactive subjects, so the full body massage chair will help you relax, relieve stress in the tired days of the reels of work, the reels of life. Heavy, vigorous people will help you relieve muscle tension, pain from the back of the neck.


Above all, massage chairs are known as an extremely effective therapy, for people with stroke and stroke will assist in the treatment of the disease. This is a great design, almost everyone can use it.


For pregnant mothers or children with a history of neuropathy can also use massage chairs after consulting with the therapist. A great gift for friends, family members or simply a gift for yourself after a tiring day. This is really a perfect answer to the question "should I buy a massage chair or not?"

5. Who should not use a massage chair?

Here are some subjects that should consult a doctor:

 Pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers

 New people undergo minor surgery and major surgery.

 People with broken bones, severe injuries, skin infections, open wounds

 People with severe heart disease and unstable blood pressure

 People with physical weakness, not in good health.

 People sensitive to electrical equipment

 People with osteoporosis

 People with acute sprains

 People with aneurysms, varicose veins

In addition, you should not let children near the massage chair because they are large and block size


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where to buy massage chair is best

One of the most asked questions is, "Which company should you buy a massage chair from?". Because of the development of science and technology and life, people increasingly enhance their needs at once more and more health needs. Therefore, people have a lot of anxiety when choosing to buy massage chairs for themselves and their families. The following article will be a gift to you, helping you understand more about massage chairs to get the best choice.

1. What is the use of full body massage chair?

"Massage" is a form of therapy for the body with a long history and extremely diverse, depending on the region that will vary in the way. The form of massage we can see the most is in beauty and health spas. However, due to the effort and labor so much, the cost to pay for a full body massage costs up to 500,000 VND per hour of service.


And with an extremely advanced perspective, massage chairs have saved us two important things - money in the long run and time. As you can see, it costs a lot to buy a massage chair, however, it is a long-term process and you will not regret it, with a warranty of more than 10 years. And just one day spend 15-20 minutes, you can improve your health in the best way.

1.1 Reduce stress, regulate blood circulation

When you are under extreme stress - also known as stress, it will lead to an increase in blood pressure and a decrease in the diameter of blood vessels that will prevent blood from circulating normally. When this situation lasts, your nervous system and heart really "not good" somewhere. Therefore, what you need to do is to reduce stress, and massage chairs will do this for you.


1.2 Support for the treatment of osteoarthritis problems

For those who have high and heavy workloads, this is a mistake that you must have in your household. With perfect roller effect with functions such as massage, punching, squeezing, will help you treat the uncertainties in your body, especially the chronic problems of joints.


1.3 Effective and safe "analgesic dose"

According to the research of manufacturers and scientists, massage chairs are a great tool to help you beat headaches, neck, neck, back, shoulders ... With programs With auto-programmed settings installed, you can rest assured that your body will be as relaxed as possible.

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 2. Which firm's massage chair should I buy to achieve the best quality?

This is a question that is neither difficult nor easy. The uncertainty and difficulty here we can see is that the massage chair market today is really very much, making consumers easily fall into the state of "product blindness", not knowing where will be a good choice. Best. Therefore, we must pay close attention and learn thoroughly about the brand of massage chair today to be able to have a satisfactory chair.


Currently, the market that receives and cares the most is massage chair from Japan. This is a small answer to the question "which brand of massage chair should I buy". With the Japanese market, we can catch many famous brands that go with outstanding quality:


Because Japan is one of the countries that attach much importance to health, it is not difficult to find a genuine massage chair that is suitable for origin in Japan with competitive price and extremely good quality. .

Or in addition you can refer to a line of American standard, extremely popular today in the "village" massage machine - Elipsport with full of perfect uses of a massage chair.


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And if you are a lover of yourself, family and friends, always want to take care of the health of the people around, the massage chair can be a valuable and meaningful gift for them. If you really care about massage chairs, please go to


Currently on the market, the famous massage chair brands always launch hit products, update the latest and most modern versions to attract their own customer market with extremely competitive prices. pictures. The quality of famous massage chair products always makes us fascinated and trusted, so this is one of the reasons we should choose to buy massage chairs with famous and reputable brands.

1. Differences between famous massage chair brands with regular massage chairs

Actually, the difference between conventional massage chairs and big brand massage chairs is not so much. Many people believe that is due to the way they build the brand into a strong "massage chair empire" in the market.


1.1 Cost

The price of famous massage chair brands will actually be a little bit more than the conventional massage chair brands. In fact, the difference will be around 1-5 million VND depending on the line and function of each machine manufacturer. Although the price is somewhat high, it will not make you disappointed. Do you know why?


1.2 Quality

This is a most satisfactory answer to the above question. It is often said that "what your money" is extremely accurate. Well-known massage chair brands will often have excellent quality with the most innovative utility functions on the market. They are always up to date with the latest developments in the medical technology industry so you don't have to think about the word "quality."

1.3 Prestige and after-sales regime


Usually, the famous massage chair brands always give you a sense of peace of mind and trust. That's why reputation usually goes hand in hand with quality. So you can feel secure about this part. In addition, the famous massage chair brands always have after-sales regimes, such as promotions for loyal customers or a long-term warranty, making us feel much reassuring. with conventional products.


Because of the above criteria, your choice should be massage chairs of clear origin, brand and origin for your own benefit. Here are some famous massage chair brands that you need to know if you care about this product:

This is one of the highly appreciated brands in Japan with outstanding strengths such as 3-dimensional roller design with 106 different body types, supporting pre-programmed massage programs to help their bodies. I can relax in the best way.


However, the disadvantage of Indana massage chair is that the design of the chair is extremely large, causing the feeling that your room will become narrow. In addition, when the "oversized" massage machine will make it difficult for you to move the chair, it is only possible to fix one position when installing.



Okasa full body massage chair is considered one of the good brands of the market. One of the strengths of the elliptical body massage chair is the price suitable for each famous product line such as Okasa Pro S1, Okasa OS 869 .. with effective massages such as massage, massage, patting, kneading, kneading , day, push your foot. This is one of the most appreciated brands of Okasa brand.


Elipsport is one of the highly appreciated product lines with a compact design that does not take up a lot of space, suitable for many households with small home spaces.

Okasa full body massage chair

Okasa brand of full body massage chair is commonly known for its outstanding feature is the extremely modern VFD display and intelligent massage system with 5 types of preeminent rolling, kneading, pressing, tapping and massaging.


In addition to the above advantages, Okasa massage chair is a massage machine that still has a weakness that is not having an infrared design, so it has not been able to find the exact body acupuncture point.


3. Where to buy chairs is reasonable.

With the famous massage chair brands, we should find a reputable place to buy, which is also the right of customers when buying products with good preferential regimes. If you are looking to give a gift for yourself, relatives or family, you can refer to Okasa channel to experience

Today, the fact that each family owns a full body massage chair is an effective solution to improve health. However, before buying this product, people refer to the experience of buying full body massage chairs about the price and use of each type of chair to choose for themselves and their family the most suitable full body massage chair.


On the market today, there are many types of body massage chairs with different models, origins and brands for you to choose. Because of the variety of choices, it is always making consumers confused and afraid to know which products are really good to choose.


1. Experience buying full-body massage chairs at affordable prices with quality

Currently, the price of full body massage chairs ranges from 10 million to 100 million. However, the function and design of each type of machine that the price will increase gradually. Depending on the needs of improving health or family economic condition, you can choose the type of body massage machine that best suits you.

The most reasonable price to choose a full body massage chair is from 30 million to 50 million. At this price, the function and use of full body massage chair is almost complete and the quality is also guaranteed. Even if you are hard-pressed to hunt for a product, you can buy a high-end full body massage chair at this affordable price.

You should not choose a full-body massage chair with a price of 20 million or less because its features are very limited, often used for offices is much, only massage a body part is the back or feet, not even have the effect of improving health much. Above all, a cheap full body massage chair does not guarantee quality or origin of prestige and safety.


2. Experience buying full body massage chairs with its features

2.1 Dimensions of a full body massage chair

You should pay attention to the size of the massage chair body. Although currently, high-class massage chairs can touch, Scan the acupuncture points of the body to promote their massage function. However, what if your body massage chair doesn't have touch mode? The fact that a full body massage chair does not fit the body makes the function of the chair impaired, the rollers cannot penetrate deeply into the body or the right position makes the massage effect not as expected.

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2.2 Material of full body massage chair

You should pay attention to the material of full body massage chairs. Currently most body massage chairs on the market are made of leather to make the mattress in contact with the body, however, this material is often prone to wear, peeling or damage during long-term use. . If possible, you should buy a full body massage chair made of synthetic material, better than the skin because after a long time less wear.


2.3 Massage chairs for the whole family

Finally, you should choose a full body massage chair suitable for all family members, with all the basic features to improve health, not just buy for one person.

2.4 Quality and prestige massage chairs are guaranteed

Many people often do not pay attention to the warranty of full body massage chair when buying full body massage chair from the supplier. That is the most flawed and affecting your own interests.


Before paying for a full body massage chair you decide to buy, should pay attention to the warranty from the supplier, purchase goods to avoid buying the wrong quality fake goods. Usually a full body massage chair from a reputable unit will have a warranty of 2 to 3 years.


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2.5 Common uses of a full body massage chair

Massage chair has the ability to support treatment and has a good effect on the painful joint diseases such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain.

Some massage chairs with full body often have modern functions simulated as the methods of Eastern Medicine such as massage, reflexology to help regulate blood flow, relieve pain quickly, improve the condition of osteoarthritis. and help the body relax, relaxed spirit, lucid, improve insomnia, create a deep sleep


Some types of massage machines also have the function of effective body manipulation, stretching the whole body, helping to improve the toned physique, reduce excess fat and bring more oxygen to the body.


With the experience of buying a full body massage chair above, hope you can choose a full body massage chair like that helps improve the health of yourself and your family. You can refer to the website wedsite to refer to some types of body massage chairs on the market.

Should buying used massage chairs are not one of the questions that make buyers most hesitated. One of the reasons they want to buy a used massage chair is financial. Typically, a full seal massage chair usually costs from 30 million to 200 million depending on the model, function and brand. And used massage chairs, often priced at half or less than brand new ones. In fact, we should not buy used massage chairs, why? The following article will answer for you!


1. Massage chair works like?

Our body is a complete system. You can imagine that the muscles in your body are moving normally to ensure that the operation is really smooth. However, if we work too much with high intensity, the phenomenon of muscle aches and pains will appear.


And massage chairs are based on the traditional form of people-people massage with modern functions to alleviate this pain. Besides, this will help the blood circulation in the body a lot better.

Massage chair is a system of machinery and equipment used for health care for the muscles, bones, joints, helping the body to improve better. With the development of science and technology, massage chairs are likened to a miraculous baffle with the release-squeeze system of the airbag system from head to toe under the control of a roller.


2. Why buy massage chairs?

Surely you still hesitate to decide to buy a massage chair. So the question is, is it necessary to buy a massage chair for your family?


The answer is convenience.


In fact, technology is increasingly developing rapidly, just to serve the needs of human life. And if life becomes more and more modern, people will have higher demands for their health as well as their lives.

People in modern life are often not in good health because they often have mental and psychological problems. They often use their free time to go to spa salons, massage parlors. And a massage machine was born to replace the people who serve them when there is not enough time.


The massage machine is an excellent system to help the body regulate, circulate blood as well as support the treatment of muscular, skeletal, as well as neurological conditions. That is one of the great functions of massage chairs that you need to know.


3. So, should you buy used massage chairs or not?

Because of the common ground, massage chairs are an expensive product. Therefore, many people have the choice to buy a second-hand massage chair, priced at 20-50% of the new massage chair. But actually that is not the reason why?


Old massage chairs are often used, so the features will not be as sensitive as when you first bought them. No matter how good the product is, there is no way it can be "like new".

Also, used massage chairs may have a limited warranty. And this will make it difficult for you to repair the device as well as maintain the machine's trouble. You can spend less money but the shelf life is not much longer, even less than the money you spend.


More specifically, if you buy used massage chairs but through intermediaries, not through direct suppliers, the scam will become more widespread, so we will not be able to return, you will lose a relatively large amount of money, getting an undesirable product even if there's nothing left.


Therefore, buying used massage chairs really needs to be considered, even if you should not buy used massage chairs from other people.

If you are in need of an affordable massage chair, have many modern and trendy functions, do not occupy too much space in your room, or you are looking to send a gift to Loving family members, friends on a massage chair can refer to the website Here you will be updated with new models of modern massage chairs with extremely competitive prices and extremely good after-sales regime. Wish you find a product like that!


When it comes to massage chairs, many people can imagine the benefits and functions that it brings right away. Currently, this massage chair product is more popular in every family because of its usefulness and effectiveness in improving health. However, there are more and more massage chairs with different brands on the market, how to buy a quality Okasa massage chair? This is the question that always makes customers headache. The following article provides information about Okasa massage chairs to help you solve this situation.

Today, the work and the pressure of life, the pressure of the family are always the ones that ruin people's health the most. People today often just head to work, work and forget to take care of their health anymore. Moreover, when people do not have time for their families, the time to go to relaxing spa massage is also not available. Massage chair was born as the most useful solution for the present time, helping to improve and relax more effectively. To buy an Okasa massage chair, please refer to the following information.


1. How to identify an Okasa massage chair

To identify which massage chair is genuine compared to conventional massage chairs which are floating goods, fake goods, you should follow the following ways:

1.1 Learn about the origin and origin of the product

To buy an Okasa massage chair, you must consider the origin to see whether it is clear or not. Please see the certificate of product quality standards, the certificate of origin of the massage chair company if there is any doubt that the massage chair product is to be purchased.


1.2 Learn about product brands

Currently on the market there are always full of massage chairs with different prices, uses and sizes also vary, diverse according to the preferences of customers to choose.

However, not all brand products are good, not only a long-term brand is Okasa massage chair, quality and brand new launch are not quality. There are many long-standing brands but their products are really bad compared to the ads they publish in online newspapers.


For added peace of mind, you should read online reviews about the brand of the product, or ask the person who has used it to consult more about the use or quality of the type of chair you are buying.


1.3 Learn about product costs

If you choose a one-part massage, Okasa single-function massage chairs are usually very cheap, from 10 million or less depending on features or brands.

But for Okasa full-body massage chairs, the price can range from 10 million to 100 million. However, with the price is too cheap, less than 20 million, of course compared to the function it brings, labor costs, space or all costs to create such a versatile massage chair, then sell the product. at a price that is not feasible, most of them are fake, not genuine.

Genuine massage chairs will usually cost from 30 million or more is consistent with the function it brings. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the price you pay is too much, because you will have a huge after-sales regime, which can have a warranty of 3 to 4 years if the units are reputable.


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2. Select an Okasa massage chair right away - why not?

The use of a massage chair is completely safe for health, moreover it also has the ability to support treatment and work well for pathological aches and pains such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain. Sitting in a massage chair helps the blood flow in your body to be conditioned, minimizes hematoma, helps to relax and reduce stress extremely effectively.

More specifically, currently there are a number of massage machines with effective body shaping functions, stretching the whole body, helping to improve toned physique, reduce excess fat and bring more oxygen. for body.


With the extremely useful functions that Okasa massage chairs bring, why not try giving yourself and your family a wonderful experience?


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The above article provides some information to help you choose a Okasa massage chair, quality, affordable. To find out more and buy products, please visit


The environment is increasingly polluted, the work pressure makes your body often tired, tired and falls into a lack of energy. To relieve stress, stress and replenish positive energy to the body, to stay healthy, to increase longevity, to conquer new successes at work. Besides scientific nutrition combined with physical exercise and sports, relaxation is also essential in modern life today. Therefore, you need a high-class massage chair to relax yourself in moments of relaxation after a tiring working day.


Massage chairs are a product recommended by many health professionals and smart devices are no stranger to the majority of Vietnamese consumers. High-end massage chairs are now equipped with many famous massage functions in the world. Massage is extremely convenient to massage the whole body with rollers, airbags, infrared heat to replace the human hands performing massage, massage, acupressure, kneading, punching, punching and massage. .. flexible body massage from the head, neck, neck, back, buttocks, legs helps you reduce pain, relax after stressful working days. But choosing a massage chair that is both quality and the best price is not always easy with the massage chair market today. To help users have a general thirsty look, here are the reviews to select the top 5 high quality massage chairs, the best price in Vietnam

This is the best and most advanced massage chair model with the innovative feature of 3D silicon-coated rollers to help gently massage for the best health care effect. Compared to conventional massage chairs with only 2 massage rollers, Elip Plutonium massage chair integrates 6 flexible massage rollers from the back of the neck to the buttock along the L axis. The best massage today by features:


- Intensive gravity massage mode


- Infrared thermal heating mode to 55 degrees C


- Bluetooth connection function to play music therapy by music is extremely excellent.


- Massage your heart with your foot like taking care of your second heart with a flexible roller rotating evenly

- Equipped with air bag from head to toe is extremely perfect


- The material color is extremely luxurious and sophisticated affirming its class



Okasa Pro S1 massage chair has a sophisticated emerald green design and extremely luxurious leather material. Compact machine size does not take up much space. Besides, the Elip Nobel massage chair also brings modern beauty to your home space, helping you enjoy the best relaxing massage experience at home. Stand out with the following features:


- Massage by 3D roller

- Integrated 42 bags when spread evenly 4 positions shoulder, hand, butt, legs


- 40-degree thermal massage function on the back and thighs



Massage chair Kiwami 4D 970 is equipped with massage rollers in 3D technology to gently massage, smooth to the acupuncture points. Helps clear meridians, make better blood circulation, improve blood pressure. Elip Rhodi full body massage chair operates smoothly, does not make noise, and deserves to be owned immediately.


- Many air bags massage perfectly from head to toe


- Zero gravity massage helps relax the body to achieve the best effect.



- Full program of massage, massage, stretching, listening to music


- 2nd heart foot massage is extremely good for all members

Okasa 968 massage chair is a high-end massage chair with intelligent body, the latest generation of smooth and comfortable massgae like an expert hand. Eliminate stress, enjoy the feeling of relaxed relaxation. Technology of perfect airbag massage (shoulders, hips, arms, calves). Elliptical massage chair has special features such as:


- Smart control panel, more convenient


- Move the machine easily, thanks to the large wheels


- Fully integrated massage function from head to toe


- Loudspeaker system with vivid hifi music


- The ability to slide forward way of walls saves space


When buying a massage chair, what you are interested in is the leather massage chair. Because massage chair skin is a very important part, it evaluates whether a massage chair is good or not?


The leather seats are considered good if they have a life span of 5-10 years, the leather material looks shiny, the delicate design clearly shows the leather seats. On the other hand, it can be subjected to constant friction from the rollers of massage chairs, or when the massage airbags are operated to inflate the air bags, the leather seats must withstand surface tension without causing pinching or stretching. skin.


Here I will go into the type of chair leather and the best leather material so you can better understand the massage chair you are about to buy.

Leather material is divided into many specific types of 13 categories. However, with massage chairs on the market today, there are usually only 3 types: Simili synthetic leather, industrial leather, synthetic leather.


Leather material massage chair



Many will wonder why less used genuine leather is on the list of use for massage chairs. Here are some reasons why you should limit your use of genuine leather


- Price: As you know massage chairs are quite large size, to be able to wrap the entire massage chair needs a large amount of leather. But genuine leather has a very high price, which leads to the purchase of a leather massage chair, which also has to pay a high price and currently will not be very suitable for Vietnam market.


- Massage effect: Depending on the quality of genuine leather that the manufacturer uses, but in general, real leather is often hard and thick so when the massage chair roller operates the points to touch the points of the body are separated by the skin. thickening leads to a greatly reduced massage effect. From the research of experts on this issue, the use of genuine leather for massage chairs does not apply to the loss of the massage chair.

- Durability: Vietnam climate often has high humidity which leads to difficult skin preservation, the life of chair leather will decrease very quickly if you live in a humid environment, leading to sloughing. use process. Using leather with high price and longevity is not as expected so buying a massage chair using genuine leather needs to really understand how to use and preserve massage chairs with climate conditions in Vietnam. Male.


=> Currently in Vietnam market, there is no massage chair company that uses real leather for massage chairs, so if you see ads or receive advice on real leather massage chairs, you need to consider and learn. carefully see if the ad is true or not. At the same time you should also pay attention that if using real leather, the massage effect will greatly reduce, whether it is your desire or the need to use a massage chair to relax or treat you or not.


Update information:


In early June 2019, Maxcare Home brand imported Okasa M.8 LE massage chair using the first genuine leather material (Grain Genuine Leather) in the world and in Vietnam.


Okasa massage chairs are manufactured 100% in Japan. And the price of the M.8 LE massage chair is up to $ 1500.


- Genuine Leather (Grain Genuine Leather): Genuine leather material is high quality, soft, extremely durable with many different environments. Resistance to sweat, discoloration. Eliminates the disadvantages that other real leather materials do not have.



Genuine leather of Okasa massage chair



Often the products made from genuine leather will be marked real leather, genuine leather, cow hide (cowhide) ... Each type of leather will be used for different products, such as types hard leather (cowhide, buffalo ...) is often used to make sandals, belts, purses, etc. Softer leather types such as sheepskin, pigskin made in jackets or gloves, etc. goat, da da, crocodile are often used for high-end products.

The process of putting these types of skin into use often has to go through a process of handling to avoid the skin will rot for a long time and also make the skin surface glossy and more beautiful.



Synthetic leather is produced like and durable like genuine leather, made from high quality man-made materials that are researched and created by humans. The surface of high-grade synthetic leather is soft and embossed like genuine leather, stained onto the skin surface. Synthetic Leather has the same strength as genuine leather without peeling, which is often used as a substitute for genuine leather. In addition, I have the meaning of protecting the environment because I do not use animal skin for leather products.



Using Synthetic leather for massage chairs: Will help you feel the best relaxation between the touch point of the body and the roller by the soft material of

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ghế massage giá rẻ Okasa

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Một liên lạc của phong cách đến không gian sống của bạn. Tiền đặt cọc bằng 0 đô la Mua ngay, thanh toán sau 50% - Bán ngay bây giờ Bảo hành 5 năm Ghế massage giá tốt nhất của Úc Hãy liên lạc ngay hôm nay! Mua ngay, thanh toán sau. * * Điều kiện áp dụng Ghế Massage Ultimate Intelligence 4D Ghế Massage $ 6,999 Chọn tùy chọn Bán! Ghế Massage Deluxe Lifestyle $ 3,999 []

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Platinum Series PS-6500 SL-TRACK Zero-Gravity Full-Body 3D Shiatsu Ghế của RealRelax ™ Platinum series PS-6500 SL-TRACK Zero-Gravity Full-Body 3D Shiatsu Ghế của RealRelax ™

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Ghế massage giá rẻ Okasa nâng cao toàn thân Okasa là thiết kế mới nhất cho năm 2019. S-track với 4 con lăn tay robot cùng với hệ thống massage túi khí toàn thân, nó mang đến cho bạn cơ hội massage tốt nhất ...

Ghế hành tinh massage - Kinh doanh địa phương - Nhật Bản, SầuDịch trang này
Ghế massage hành tinh . 964 lượt thích · 6 nói về điều này · 2 đã ở đây. MassageChairPlanet .com là tài nguyên số một của Internets cho tất cả các thương hiệu ghế massage yêu thích của bạn , tất cả đều có tại một ...

ghế massage giá rẻ Okasa- Mua tốt nhất
Cửa hàng bán ghế massage tại Best Buy. Tìm giá thấp hàng ngày và mua trực tuyến để giao hàng hoặc nhận tại cửa hàng

Ghế massage nhập khẩu Nhật Bản Okasa

Ghế massage nhập khẩu Okasa - Trải nghiệm Nhật Bản -

Ghế massage nhập khẩu Nhật Bản Okasa

Một cửa hàng cho các sản phẩm sống lành mạnh - Nhận ghế massage tốt nhất, mát xa chân, mát xa chân, mát xa lưng và nhiều hơn nữa. Mua sắm trực tuyến ngay bây giờ!

Ghế Massage nhập khẩu Nhật Bản Okasa vietnam-california
Ghế Massage Cứu trợ California, phục vụ Los Angeles, Quận Cam, Quận Riverside, Hạt San Bernardino, Hạt San Diego, Hạt Ventura và Hạt LA.

10 ghế massage nhập khẩu Nhật Bản di động tốt nhất : TOP ModelDịch trang này
Cho dù kinh doanh hay giải trí, tìm kiếm ghế massage di động tốt cho nhu cầu của bạn có thể là một thách thức và một cơn ác mộng. Lựa chọn giữa các bánh xe, phạm vi giá, bọc, khung, trọng lượng và các nhu cầu khác có thể mất thời gian. Tốt ... Đọc thêm Ghế massage di động tốt nhất

Ghế Massage nhập khẩu Nhật Bản Okasa
Ghế Massage Cứu trợ tại Thành phố Salt Lake, Utah. Phục vụ Hạt Salt Lake, Hạt Utah, Hạt Davis, Hạt Summit, Hạt Tooele, Hạt Morgan, Hạt Weber và Hạt Wasatch.

Mua Massage Chair online | Thư giãn với Best Massage ...Dịch trang này
Mua ghế massage trực tuyến từ Lixo chăm sóc sức khỏe để giảm bớt căng thẳng của bạn và làm cho bạn thư giãn vì đó là ghế massage tốt nhất cho bệnh của bạn.

ghế massage - Newegg.comDịch trang này cung cấp giá tốt nhất cho các sản phẩm máy tính, máy tính xách tay, TV LED LCD, máy ảnh kỹ thuật số, thiết bị điện tử, điện thoại mở khóa, đồ dùng văn phòng, v.v. với dịch vụ vận chuyển nhanh và dịch vụ khách hàng được đánh giá cao. Newegg mua sắm nâng cấp ™

GHẾ MASSAGE - Ghế Mát Xa nhập khẩu Nhật Bản Okasa
Các tính năng VIDEO HUBOT của HM-078 - Ghế massage tinh tế được chế tạo chuyên nghiệp với độ hoàn thiện chi tiết - Hubot hứa hẹn sẽ mang đến sự trẻ hóa và thư giãn tuyệt vời cho những ai cần một liệu pháp massage toàn thân chất lượng cao chuyên nghiệp . - Hiệu suất 3D mạnh mẽ với Hệ thống Massage KMS-08M-225L với các quả bóng massage có độ đàn hồi cao , nhô ra từng inch bạn cần. - Đường đua HSL (51.2 ...

Ghế massage nhập khẩu Nhật Bản Okasa ghế
chỉnh sửa Hãy cho chúng tôi biết bạn đang ở đâu và chúng tôi có thể cho bạn biết những gì có sẵn:

Ghế Massage  nhập khẩu Nhật Bản Okasa - Bán buôn CostcoDịch trang này
Ghế massage Osaki OS-4000XT Massage theo dõi L -A cảm biến cơ thể đầy đủ AirBag MassageUnique Foot Foot Massage2 Giai đoạn không trọng lực

Ghế Massage Nhật Bản | Máy xoa bóp lưng điện tửDịch trang này
Mua Okasa Massagers điện tử trực tuyến với một phạm vi tốt của massage ghế, Massagers trở lại, cầm tay, xung điện tử, mắt và mát sa chân, vv để đảm bảo phúc lợi vật chất của bạn.

Ghế massage toàn thân Okasa

Ghế massage toàn thân Okasa Nhật Bản -

Ghế massage toàn thân Okasa

 Ghế Massage toàn thân Okasa . Khi thực hiện đầu tư nâng cao cuộc sống vào ghế massage , hãy xem xét Inada. Vô song về lợi ích trị liệu và giảm căng thẳng, ghế massage Inada đại diện cho sự hợp nhất hoàn hảo của các kỹ thuật chữa bệnh shiatsu cổ đại và công nghệ hiện đại.

Massage Ghế nhà cung cấp Co Anh của điện massage ...Dịch trang này
Ghế Massage Co Anh nhà cung cấp ghế massage điện , bán buôn và bán lẻ. Chuyên gia cho thuê ghế Massage - Tàu & Sân bay v.v.

Ghế massage  toàn thân Okasa - hàng chính hãng ...
Ghế massage toàn thân Okasa hoàn toàn mới của Nhật Bản. Đó là một chiếc ghế massage không trọng lực có các tính năng: quét cơ thể tự động, thêm L-track dài (dài 50 inch), được cấp bằng sáng chế, hệ thống con lăn 6 lưng được thiết kế mới với các chức năng nhào, gõ, nhào và gõ, shiatsu, và các chức năng lăn cho bạn trở lại, 9 chương trình tự động cài sẵn và chức năng massage thủ công với 30 phút liên tục ...

Okasa ghế massage toàn thân
Bàn tịch , Đen đốc điều hành Văn phòng Chủ tịch với 6 điểm Massage Comfy Reclining Văn phòng Chủ tịch cao Trở lại pc Chủ tịch Faux Leather tắm độn xoay máy tính bàn chủ tịch , chủ Nội thất văn phòng

 Ghế massage toàn thân Okasa tốt nhất dưới 500 đô la cho năm 2020 - Hoàn thànhDịch trang này
Mặc dù sự thật là các lựa chọn của bạn cho một chiếc ghế massage tốt có phần bị giới hạn ở mức giá cực thấp trong phạm vi giá, chúng tôi đã tổng hợp năm chiếc ghế có giá trị hàng đầu ở đây để bạn xem xét.

Mua Ghế Massage toàn thân Okasa giám đốc | Số không …Dịch trang này ...
Nếu bạn muốn có một chất lượng ghế massage , các Osaki OS-Pro Đô đốc Massage Chair là sự lựa chọn hoàn hảo. Đặt hàng tại Easy Massage Ghế miễn phí vận chuyển và trả lại.

Ghế massage toàn thân Okasa - Cửa hàng ghế massage 3DDịch trang này,1
Nếu bạn đang tìm kiếm công nghệ ghế massage mới nhất , bạn cần có Osaki Pro. Với giá tốt hơn, và miễn phí vận chuyển, mua sắm Ghế Titan ngay hôm nay.

Ghế massage tốt nhất năm 2020 [Toàn thân, Shiatsu, MạnhDịch trang này
1/7/2020 · 1. Kahuna SM-7300 - Ghế massage tốt nhất 2020 (Toàn thân). Kahuna SM-7300 là máy phục hồi massage tốt nhất cho năm 2020. Nó đã có mặt trên thị trường được vài năm và được nhiều người dùng hài lòng đánh giá cao .. Đây là lựa chọn hàng đầu của chúng tôi vì các tính năng độc đáo đi kèm: 6 con lăn được đặt ở vị trí chiến lược, 9 chương trình tự động và thiết kế thoải mái cho các loại thân máy lớn hơn ...

Là gì ghế massage ? - WebMDDịch trang này
10/2/2018 · Mát xa ghế tại chỗ được thực hiện trong khi bạn ngồi đầy đủ trên một chiếc ghế di động, được thiết kế đặc biệt . Chúng thường liên quan đến việc xoa bóp cổ, vai, lưng, cánh tay và bàn tay của bạn.

ghế mát xa Dịch trang này
 Ghế massage và ghế mát xa Okasa Kiểu ghế chơi game dành cho người lớn Ghế ngồi dành cho người lớn có chân tựa lưng Ghế da PU cao cấp Cộng với kích thước Bàn ghế chơi game có gối tựa đầu và Hỗ trợ thắt lưng (Trắng / Đen)