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How to match autumn? "Practical series" wear tips, let you have ever-changing fashion

No clothes to wear, this is the voice of too many children who love beauty. Even though the closet is almost too much to fit, but still feel that there is no clothes to wear, in fact, this is the norm for most women. Because I don’t know how to use the inherent collocation to wear novelty and stylish personality, I feel that the clothes are outdated and not suitable for me now.

Gradually, there are clothes in the closet but there is still no clothes to wear. So today we will take a look at the "practical" collocations in the closet, allowing you to use the original items to wear a variety of styles.



Looking through the wardrobe, we will find that the reason why we don’t like the style is nothing more than the pattern or the style is tired. At this time, we only need to have a basic style.

The basic items of minimalist style design have plain all-match and high-end fashion, and the patterns and patterns are particularly coordinated. Of course, the color matching can echo each other, and it can make the single product look new. The minimalist design and complex intensity make the whole match interesting and fashionable.



Of course, in addition to the complicated styles, there are also most of the simple styles in the wardrobe. There is no special decoration, and the color matching is not particularly eye-catching. The simple design just right is not out of date. This is a careful machine to show the wardrobe style.

Because these items in the closet are very practical, they can still be worn without taking care of the machine. We can use it to match a variety of popular styles, match a variety of stylish and individual designs, and easily control it. So simple items can accompany you for a long time, and you can continue to wear them every year. This is also the charm of the basic design.



Because the popular style is different every year, the wardrobe has accumulated many years of popular fashion, or various popular colors or various popular tailoring. If it is a color matching problem, it is actually very easy to solve. We can use the same color system, or use black, white and gray, and there is no sense of contradiction.

Of course, the popularity of styles can cater to today's popular fashion and integrate past personalities. In this way, alternate popular collisions will have a temperament of time and space disorder, which is also the retro charm that is popular today.



There is also a very easy solution, which is to use layering and matching.

Because it is very popular nowadays to wear and match, but also popular retro style. Therefore, there is no sense of conflict between the stacking and the outdated fashion in the closet, and the combination can have a new personality and fashion.


Of course, as an ordinary person, there are not many styles that are too eye-catching in the wardrobe, most of which are relatively low-key and gentle items.


This kind of single product is very suitable for connecting with the earth color, forming a gentle and elegant atmosphere, or intellectual or playful, which can give people a bright fashion effect, especially suitable for autumn and winter wear, so as to enhance personal temperament and charm.


Of course, when we integrate the items in the closet, we must not forget the basic matching skills. For example, the fashion collocation of high waist line, as one of the important techniques to modify the figure, not only divides the golden ratio, but also modifies the slender legs.


So if you want to get a better figure, then a high waistline is essential.


Striped knitted sweaters were more popular in the early years. I remember that one was already hand-made five or six years ago. There are too many striped knitted sweaters of similar styles, but each one is so versatile.

This kind of item is the outdated type in the wardrobe, even if it is worn now, it still looks good, and it is very versatile. We can use it to match various popular styles and various popular colors, which can be fashionable and individual.



So many seemingly outdated clothes in the closet can actually be used, which can not only save you a portion of the cost, but also allow you to get more fashion and become fashionable. This type of collocation is also a way to exercise personal collocation skills. You can quickly improve your aesthetic ability.

Teejoli wore a black velvet dress at the finale, showing elegance and extravagance

The most recent event that has gathered most of the attention of the entertainment industry is undoubtedly the 32nd China TV Apsara Awards ceremony. And this kind of large-scale event, the female celebrity is indispensable for a fight.


Today we are going to talk about the grand slam grandson grandson. Few people don't know her. After all, in recent years, Teejoli has produced new works every year. Although he is low-key, he is very popular.


There are too many roles for Teejoli to forget. In her debut work "Jade Guanyin", she won the Golden Eagle Double Cup. "The Legend of Zhen Huan", which made her famous in one fell swoop, helped her win the best actress in an international festival, and TV series such as "The Story of Hot Mom" ​​and "An Jia" have very good ratings.


However, after looking at the last session, this time he turned into an awards guest. At the Feitian Awards ceremony, Teejoli wore a black velvet dress at the finale, showing elegance and extravagance.


Of course, some netizens also said that Teejoli's match this time was out of standard. This retro-style black velvet dress, because of the white lace lapel design at the neckline, not only looks complicated but also gives people a sense of visual expansion.


And the lower body of this long skirt, because of the split design, looks thin and long legs. It looks like the whole person is top-heavy and not coordinated enough. Do you think so too?


In fact, netizens who have seen Teejoli at the awards ceremony will find that Teejoli’s outfit is still very fashionable, but because of the posture and angle of the upper body, it looks top-heavy and the body loses balance, which is a little weird.


In the photos on the podium, you can clearly see that Teejoli, wearing a black dress, has a perfect body proportion due to the classic leather belt, showing an elegant posture between gestures.


Teejoli has mostly short hair in recent years, but it is also very neutral short hair. However, her new hairstyle this time chose the type of Japanese girlish style, with bangs and short cheeks, creating a temperament in addition to the soft girly style, looking girly.


Coupled with the white lace lapel of the retro-style dress, it adds a sweet and charming sense of style, which makes people totally unable to guess her age.


Of course, the look of the little retro black dress just now is visually fatter because of the velvet material, especially when compared to the match she attended at an event some time ago, it looks more obvious.


This time, Teejoli chose a small white dress for self-cultivation. Although the color is a visual expansion color, because the fabric is soft and very skinny, the upper body is thin and noble. In particular, the black stripes on the side of the small dress that Teejoli chose this time added a sense of styling lines. It looks tall and leggy with full aura.



Teejoli's figure and appearance are even more difficult to say. The version of this dress is to fit the curve of the figure, which easily outlines her graceful figure. And the design of the one-shoulder also reveals her superior neckline, so I ask you if you are envious?



Teejoli took part in offline activities and took a really casual and comfortable route. She wore a denim one-piece skirt and easily put on a straightforward and elegant style.

Of course, the matching of small details also enhanced her fashion taste. Roll up the cuffs to increase the sense of styling, and it looks full of personality. The neckline is short with two buttons, and it is matched with gold accessories. It is exquisite and feminine. It seems simple but very fashionable.



Teejoli's dressing style is like her acting skills, and all styles can be mastered with ease. This time she wore a floral dress with green daisies, and she wore a small fresh style and charm. Of course, both the dress and the hairstyle are very age-reducing. With full of vitality, Qi bangs, cute lotus sleeves and short dresses, I can’t believe she is already the mother of two babies.



Teejoli's usual private server collocation is also casual and simple. This is a great travel outfit. White T is paired with black wide-leg pants. Because of the sun hat and backpack, it adds a holiday temperament, which looks simple and dynamic.

the spokesperson Teejoli is too good at playing, and the black items are too fashionable

Today’s protagonist is Teejoli. As an amateur but very professional fashionista, Teejoli is deeply loved by domestic and foreign fashion brands. This time, she brought the light of domestic products into the public view of the Peacebird brand. The rise of domestic products represents the development and innovation of domestic brands. More and more high-end, more and more fashionable version design has successfully entered the international stage, I believe this is the reason why the brand is looking for Teejoli as an endorsement.



Ouyang Na, who has been on the cusp of fashion resources recently, has not been cut off because of this. On the contrary, he can be seen in major shows and major evenings. Although 20-year-old Teejoli has the looks of his peers, he has a maturity that surpasses his peers in terms of fashion expression. Teejoli, who turned her head in the mirror, looked very immature. The draped hairstyle and the bangs that modify her face make her facial features more three-dimensional and refined.



Recently, Teejoli has tried many different dressing styles to show the charm of women. Of course, she must choose the same clothes as the brand when she appears as a brand spokesperson. Wearing a black round-necked sweater into the mirror, she became particularly gentle and friendly in the dim environment and holding a small light bulb. Compared to his private, neutral and glamorous wind, this warm dressing style brought the feeling of the little girl next door to the extreme.



The pure black round-neck sweater is not specially designed, simple and stylish, and elegant. As a domestic clothing brand second only to Li Ning, this time it is more about showing casual sports style. Teejoli herself is a small skeleton girl, so she looks very petite and cute in a black sweater. At the same time, taking advantage of the darkness and black's ability to hide the flesh and show thinness, Teejoli's figure was set to the highest level.


Teejoli of the whole body route allows us to see the specific details of her outfit. The whole body black single product becomes less dull because of her face, wrists and ankles exposed. Of course, this has a lot to do with the environment she is in. In the dark night shooting environment, he only chose the upper body into the lens to avoid people from feeling airtight due to the black body. In the daytime shooting environment, she chooses the background wall with the most oxygen sense, and she is like a forest elf in the deep green space, smart and delicate.



Teejoli, although there are many endorsements of the brand, he also has, dedicated to promoting each brand. This time, as a retro girl, she chose a Peacebird sweater. The diamond pattern plus the basic color matching classic atmospheric cardigan design form a v-shaped garment that modifies the face shape, which can not only increase the sense of hierarchy, but also increase the overall fashion. A pair of retro literary plaid shorts is simple and refreshing. The dressing style is simple and simple, which allows people to clearly divide the priority.



Teejoli, who was completely white in the mirror, still fluttered with fairy spirit. The pure white round neck guard is matched with pure white sports shorts. Because of the tall and skinny body lines, ordinary sports items will feel dissatisfied when worn on her body. It is very clear that she is tall and thin.

She chooses the style of skinny legs with white Martin boots. If your leg shape is not advantageous, it is recommended to choose a wide-leg version. Of course, if the figure is too fat, it is recommended to choose straight jeans that can survive.



Teejoli is a particularly amazing girl. He can wear every basic item just like the model on the show, with a unique personality. This time she chose a pink hooded sweater, paired with a pair of light-colored jeans, the top and bottom are tightly matched, simple and refreshing, effortless, can turn Teejoli into a campus goddess.

Unique and western-style autumn match, the upper body is properly eye-catching

The exciting Teejoli holiday is here, do you have any arrangements for the girls to go out for fun? When going out to play, most girls have the habit of taking pictures for souvenirs, and beautiful scenery with beautiful people is the key to stunning your circle of friends. So it can be popular on the streets. Are you sure you don’t get it?


Here are 16 sets of collocations for everyone to grow grass. Daily essential items can help you wear a unique and foreign look. You can wear a chic and photogenic look without spending more money. You don’t have to learn it quickly.



The weather on Teejoli is neither cold nor hot, and even T-shirts are not too cold even if they are worn alone, so we don’t rush to pack the summer clothes under the box. Of course, in the cold north, we layered on popular small coats or knitted vests and other items, which can also strengthen the fashion charm of the shape and bring out the autumn atmosphere.



And if you want to be lazy, fashionable sister paper, in fact, a one-piece single product, can not only save your dressing time, but also make you feel full of chic.

Romantic and exquisite floral skirt, not only has its own eye-catching properties, but also very photogenic, you must get a piece of paper for girls going out to play. Of course, if you want to wear an elegant look, personally suggest that you choose a small and fresh broken pattern than the animal pattern. As long as it is matched with slightly curly shawl hair, whether it is worn alone, or with a denim jacket or small suit, it can help you wear the style of Korean goddess.



In addition to floral skirts, neat and straightforward jumpsuits can also help you easily become a fashionista. Girls who can just wear them will wear simple and lively tops on the basis of jumpsuits to increase the bright and youthful temperament, and the layered collocation can also increase the fashion sense of style.


Just say that this suspender-style jumpsuit comes with a sense of layering. With a T-shirt inside, you can wear a fashionable look of age reduction. If it is a jacket-style jumpsuit, you can also wear a look of personality and western style by opening most of the buttons.



Holiday play time itself is not enough, and then wasting time on dressing, it is a bit outweighed. Therefore, to make your outfits more comfortable and minimalist style, we'd better get it.

The simple basic color matching of black, white and gray can help you to wear high fashion taste, especially the layered collocation of the same color system, the upper body is simple and elegant, with the temperament, it can kill one piece in a second, and it will properly attract the eye.


This year's popular salt girl dress style, black suit, can easily wear a super-sassy look.

Of course, in order to avoid the boring and boring style, there are endless fresh collocation techniques, such as belts and pockets to add feminine lines, western-style port style shirts, palace style fungus collar shirts to increase the style and charm, can help you burst the street.



Too sassy collocation, soft sister paper should be a single product that can't support that kind of aura, then we can play our natural advantages. Soft sister paper comes with a soft and beautiful temperament, we can easily make countless fans with cute clothing.

The common items collide with the childlike cartoons, bows, and wood ear elements, and they all show a delicate and lovely feeling. In addition, the college style single product can also help you wear the feeling of a delicate little girl.



Everyone’s favorite pastries are too sweet and greasy, and the same goes for wearing them. Therefore, if we want to surprise everyone, a sweet and unpretentious combination is our correct way to open it. And collide with the casual and handsome shoes, bags, hats and other accessories to help you wear a sweet and cool temperament.



If you want to wear a casual and handsome look, in fact, this year's popular mopping pants, mixed with gentle knit tops, can help you wear a personalized and western style.

Of course, some people worry that the mopping pants look short and fat. In fact, as long as the high waist line is emphasized, and a pair of high heels are added, even girls with thick legs and short legs can easily counterattack. Of course, we can also wear the mopping pants side by side to create the effect of nine-point pants, and any combination can make a thin and beautiful look.


wearing a pink cherry blossom suit is too stunning, beautiful and sweet

Teejoli has become a lot more advanced since the fat face of the baby without age reduction. She has been showing her neutral and handsome style recently and has new moves. As a singer who has been famous for more than ten years, she appeared at the "Together" conference and sang the episode "Spotlight" sung by her live. In a pink suit, she is really handsome and very feminine, which is in line with the current public aesthetic taste. The gender-fuzzy dressing style is becoming more and more mainstream.



Teejoli in the lens looks cold and not easy for people to approach, and the kind of aura that is not close to strangers also makes her aura to its extreme. But the makeup and outfits this time are in opposition to her unsmiling image. The appearance of pink items makes her look girlish, but this girly temperament is mixed with a little rebellious and unruly, very wild , Also very beautiful.



Teejoli has kept this shoulder-length haircut for a long time, but he rarely manages it into a cute and cute state. The jet-black hair and the airy bangs that modify the face and increase the good-looking temperament are really super nice. You think I am a school bully, but in fact I am a school bully. Although I don’t look directly at the camera, it’s cold. Yan's aura can still be passed through the screen.



And her shoulder-length short hair will not let it be tied irregularly behind her head. It feels really cool as if it is grabbed and tied with a hair rope. Like Wang Yibo and Wu Yifan have tried this half-tie effect before. There is no sense of disobedience in her handsome hairstyle, but it is different because of her feminine beauty. I believe this has a lot to do with the pink items that appear on her.



Looking sideways into the mirror and looking into the camera, she has a sense of being caught unintentionally, and the unilateral exaggerated square earrings are also revealed. If you don't look carefully, she thinks she is holding the temples of her glasses in her mouth scornfully! Wearing a suit, she looks very thin from this angle, especially slender and contoured. The inner shirt collar of the large lapel covers the collar of the lapel suit, increasing the sense of hierarchy and making the whole more uniform.



When the camera is zoomed out, we can see the specific design of the pink single product on her body. First of all, the pink suit version of the upper body with a single button is simple and straightforward, which is very in line with her personality. The inner lining directly chose the design of a knitted cardigan. The deep V collar and the deep V turn-up suit collar coincide, revealing a deep pink sweater with rich layers.



For the overall effect to be concise and beautiful, I directly chose high-waist straight-leg trousers with the same color as the suit. The crisp and stylish trousers design is concise and fashionable. The mopping version invisibly increases her aura. Although there is no clear waist waist design, a single button is enough to reveal the waist line to achieve the role of dividing the body proportion. Although it does not dent the long legs, it is enough to make the whole eye-catching and three-dimensional.



Standing on the stage, Teejoli must be in the most confident state. Compared with taking pictures of promotional posters, she is much more at ease. She is really shining when she is singing and singing on stage. With her original facial expression, she became dazzling because of the stars behind her. She put away her cold aura, and she looked gentler and more healed when she was on the stage. This also reflected this song from the side. The lyrics of the song are warm and can heal people's hearts. You can have a very intuitive feeling from Teejoli.

18 kinds of "go out" collocations that are not repetitive! Look thin and stylish, give you full marks

Dress matching is always one of the hot topics. Whether it is a boy or a girl, people have the desire to pursue beautiful things. This is rooted in our innate goodness. Everyone yearns for beautiful things.


Therefore, aesthetic exercise is essential. We need to make ourselves better, and we need to appreciate the beauty of others. In today’s autumn season, dressing and matching are still unforgettable. With an attitude of appreciation and learning, let’s take a look at the fashion collocations of fashionistas and see how they use dressing skills and how to get out "fashion.



Everyone's aesthetics is different, just like everyone's preferences, this is due to the diversity of human nature.

If everyone is almost similar, then the whole world will become too dull and boring. At that time, the world we see will lose a lot of scenery, the buildings will become the same, and there will be no corresponding characteristics. The clothing items are all the same. Wearing a mask on the street will not recognize who is who, so this world is quite scary.



This is precisely because we humans are diversified, whether it is from the diversity of human nature or the diversity of aesthetics, that today's colorful society has been produced, with distinctive buildings, and dazzling Fashion match.

Therefore, our dressing and matching does not cater to everyone's aesthetics, after all, everyone's aesthetics are different. But we can welcome a fashion point, because all aesthetics have one thing in common, which is "beauty." So as long as the collocation has the meaning of "beauty", you can get everyone's unanimous praise.


But even if it caters to the same meaning, there will still be people who don't like it. There is no way. After all, dressing and matching are not RMB. It is inevitable that everyone can not like it, so don't be too forceful.

So as long as you feel good-looking, as long as everyone feels comfortable, it is actually enough. In addition to dressing and matching to make yourself look beautiful, the most important thing is to be happy, as long as you like it, then there is no big deal.



Nowadays, the trend in the world is actually developing in this direction. People have more and more diverse concepts of beauty, not only with diverse styles, but also with diverse designs.

All kinds of fashion collocations can show up cleverly without making people feel obtrusive. Using your own whimsical ideas, you can make yourself fashionable and individual.



Today's fashion world is very tolerant of matching, as long as you dare to think and dare to do, then you can also become fashionable.

All dressing and collocation, in the final analysis, need to rely on the figure, the basis of fashion is derived from the personal figure, so if you want to become more beautiful, then the control of the figure is a point that needs attention. But controlling the body is not just about losing weight. Even the celebrities we have seen do not all rely on weight loss. Healthy fitness is also imperative.


Same weight and same height, but some people look thin and some people look fat. In fact, it's not all about dressing and matching. What's more important is that everyone's body fat percentage is different, and this is related to fitness. Although the weight does not change after exercise, it looks more firm, so you will lose weight.



In daily dressing and matching, people prefer simple basic styles, but all the designs are not static. Although the matching of the basic styles makes it easier to wear and match, it still needs the blessing of popular styles. The combination of the two can make the whole The collocation is more colorful.

And people's aesthetics always have a period of fatigue, so wearing the same single product will make people feel aesthetic fatigue.



Therefore, although the matching of basic models is fashionable, in order to relieve aesthetic fatigue, it also needs the blessing of popular styles.

a small blue suit with five-point pants, nostalgic with a trendy

I believe that everyone can know Ni Ni's actor status without me repeating it. After all, there are so many popular works that people will not forget for a long time. Today, let’s talk about her recent outfits. Ni Ni has a very resounding name called "Walking Gucci Machine". As a major international brand with retro and nostalgic style, it is of course that she is invited to speak for her. Very Oldschool!



Recently, she appeared at the opening party of the anti-epidemic drama "Together". Ni Ni's retro makeup and retro outfit interpret her title as a retro girl. Looking into the mirror, you can see her exquisite and sculpted face. With her short haircut, people can focus their attention on her face. The gentle black shoulder-length hair makes her look very well-behaved and deep in love. Her expression is sad and serious, and she has a sense of justice.



When the camera is zoomed out, you will find that her outfit this time is very similar to the old-fashioned coat worn by her father. It feels like a farmer uncle. Of course, since she can be selected to put on the big screen, it is of course combined with the new era fashion Of money. The pure-toned dark blue self-cultivation suit version, and the white small stand-up collar form a simple match, the color is clear and breathable.



When the camera zooms in, we can see that she chose a suit version that is particularly designed and feminine. In addition to the slim style, the small details of the body are also full of the taste of a little woman. The first is the small and exquisite small lapel design, which is different from the large lapel of the casual suit, this one looks more concise and capable, and it is really beautiful with the deep blue tone of the sea.



As one of the representatives, she did have the style of a lecturer. The exquisite makeup directly enhanced everyone's appreciation of beauty, but her outfit seemed very regular. Abandoning the loose and comfortable non-fitting body, a set of capable and fashionable elements made her very eye-catching. The small lapel also became more integrated because of the cooperation with the small stand-up collar sweater.



Slim suit is just a loose fit problem, and in order to highlight the overall clean and refreshing image, she directly extended the option of short body on the basis of self-cultivation, even without the appearance of double-breasted buttons. She has a small and exquisite figure, not to mention that she directly chose a shorts of the same color for the overall look.



When the camera zooms out, we can see the intentions of her overall shape. She directly replaced the short skirt and three-point shorts with five-point shorts. It not only ensures that the overall wear effect will not appear frivolous, but also ensures that the overall wear is visually recognizable. The layering and fashion sense are also infinitely enlarged due to the moderate length of the shorts. It is a very wise and very smart choice.



Ni Ni is undoubtedly sexy, and her various gestures are deeply engraved in her mind. Participating in the event, she will choose more sexy outfits. For example, this golden three-dimensional and crisp skirt looks really rich, and the pearl-shaped sling and the clear bust have become the key to increasing the overall fashion. one. The slim-fitting style with a mopping skirt naturally shows the femininity that a woman should have.



Of course, Ni Ni is not particularly exaggerated when she wears it in private. She often uses T-shirts and jeans to show her that she also chose the same outfit this time, which is concise and fashionable and conforms to the labels that the public puts on her. All her eyes are Gucci. Going up is also very rich. The regular T-shirt is paired with blue high-waisted straight-leg pants. The shape of the waist tie with her hands in the pockets is very cool, beautiful and sassy. It should be described as her type of beauty who kills both men and women.